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Thread: Big Brother Can Trace You

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    Big Brother Can Trace You

    Did a search on this story and didn't find it anywhere on the forums. It appears that certain cell services are capable of tracking you location through you cell phone. This story talks about where it is currently implemented.


    Personally I find this very scary although I think one part of this story shows just how honestly deceptive businessmen can be, I had to smile when I read about bars called "The Office" so men did not have to lie to their bosses and wives when they said they were still at the Office

    While this is not implemented here, that I know of, the statistic that productivity increased significantly is the best indicator that it soon may be. Micromanagers will love this technology, their workers will not. Making it possible to leave your cell phone one place while still receiving calls forwarded from it without a trace could be the next multimillion dollar feature to cell to people being traced by this method.
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    I am not going to read the article that you linked to, but if you have a cell phone the technology has been here for awhile to track the person's where abouts. Part of "trusting" the government, peers, etc.

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    Its no suprise that they can track your cell phone, I forgot where I read the article, but there was supposedly a government mandate (here in the us) that by 2005 all cell phones could be tracked effectively, under the premise that if someone was unconscious, like in a car accident, the rescure teams could home in on their cell phone, which would most likely be near them.

    If anyone finds the article or knows where it may be, I'd greatly appreciate them sending it my way, as I'd like to print a copy for my collection. I tried searching google, but came up dry, maybe someone will have better luck that I did.
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    Well if I recall this was required by law of all Cell phone providers by a date under the public safety, emergency thing. Though it has never been proven life was lost because someone could not be found on a cell phone, if their has you can count the people on one hand. Try a search on federal laws off a GOV site the FCC is a good start, under Telecommunications Reform Acts.
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