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    Post .:Web Development Resources:.

    I took some time and made a huge list of resources devoted to this forum. It was originally posted in the tutorials forum, but I think it would be a good reference point for this forum, for any questions that may arise or just any research on a particular topic.

    .:Web Development Resources:.

    (Maybe a kindly moderator will post it as a sticky? That would be too cool!)

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    GG, the web resources are really, really helpful and my vote goes out to make it a sticky! That's great work!


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    I too believe it is VERY resourceful and I vote to make it a sticky. I'm also saying this cuz Im in there but still, it can help alotta people!

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    You can add my vote too. People are always in need of useful web development resources, whether they be newbies or pros. So why not make it sticky?

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    To bad the moderator for this forum isn't kindly. Wait, not only that, we don't even have a web development forum moderator. So ya gots ta convince JP to make it sticky for ya.
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    Make GreekGoddess the moderator. She's always doing things with making sites or etc.

    and it isn't to much work either, because there aren't many posts in there.
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