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Thread: getting a ethernet card to work

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    getting a ethernet card to work

    I'm installing a ethernet card on a computer, but it won't turn on after i stick the card in. I found this troubleshooting faq online, but i need it to go a little more in depth. I realize it's a little off-topic, but any help would be appreciated.

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    two things.. One, this shouldnt be in the tutorials forum. Two, I'm not entirely sure, but have you installed everything correctly and please.. RTFM. Sometimes, people make easy mistakes, so go back and look to see if you did everything right.

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    Now, you haven't said anything about an Operating System, so I'm just gonna assume that it's Windows. When you slot the card in and restart the PC, does it detect new hardware or anything? Cos if not, you might have not put it in all the way - sometimes you gotta jam it into good, but not so that you break the damn thing.

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    When you say it doesn't turn on, what do you mean? No power what-so-ever? No video output to the monitor? Could we get a little bit more details here? It makes a big difference and we'll be able to help you much better

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    if your computer isnt doing anything at all, you may have a conflict or your motherboard doesnt support that specific network card? more info. need more info. if you can get into your bios, yuo may be able to assign an irq there. if not, take it out and disble some devices in your device manager in sys properties. then reinstall the card and if it still doesnt work, give more info.
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    I agree... more info would save everyone a lot of time!
    On older systems (Windows only) I have experienced a NIC card not loading the drivers properly and/or not being detected by Plug and Play(Pray). One solution that has worked for me is just to change card slots.

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