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Thread: trendmicro´s gatelock 200x any experience ???

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    Question trendmicro´s gatelock 200x any experience ???

    I found this hardware firewall (GateLock broadband security appliance) during my research on security sites.
    I visited trendmicros website and I had to order it :-)
    Is there someone who has already this firewall ? any advice ?
    maybe a good ruleset ?
    What was your motive to buy one ?
    For me, first its a cheap ( about 150$ ) hardware-firewall
    second ( for me most important !) per default the Port 80 is disabled, even the portmapping rule for port 80 is on . all software firewall ( tiny firewall and visnetic firewall are the ones I use ) let this bugger through to connect to the internet.
    third , stateful packet inspection.

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    first info from my gatelock quest !
    at saturday, the gatelock arrived. well, looks like I have to restructure my network.
    the gatelock200x needs to be the one which is connecting to the ISP. This means, like me, I use the Vigor draytek 2200x Xdsl router with isdn backup, therefore I have to disable the XDSL broadband connection on my vigor 2200x. gatelock can be plugged togehter with switches router hubs ect, but has to be the first in line. unfortunately this was not mentioned at all at trendmicro´s webpage or at any other side which where testing this firewall.
    in my point of view, this should be mentioned ! I cannot give up the isdn backup feature from my vigor 2200x dsl router. well at this point I would send it back. but... luckily I own my own office , this means , I use the vigor 2200x dsl router at home, and place the gatelock in my office to secure my online dsl connection.
    has anybody encounterd the same problems ? any solution ?
    greetings M.

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