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Thread: i am going to crack out usa air force cpu to put nude fotos of jenniffer lopez

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    i am going to crack out usa air force cpu to put nude fotos of jenniffer lopez

    Naahh just kidding i could not even log into a no firewall computer i used this subject cuz i knew that ALOT of poeple would help me plz no bad points.

    I have a simple question it might have been asked alot of time still... i have red hat and i am a starter
    my problems are:

    1)When I type "startx" nothing happens no well it just mak alot off writing and doesnot login.
    2)I was trying to play and when i typed "exec /usr/games/fortune" well it loged me off
    3) I have supposely had already installed gnome (it is not me that installed linux on my cpu; my hard drive has 2 partitions so win 98 and linux red hat 7.3) when i just cannot figure out how am i supposed to load the gui.

    thanks in advance

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    If your graphical interface (gnome) will not start when
    you type startx, something isn't configured correctly.
    Getting this stuff to work can be a great adventure.
    I hope you have a little spare time.

    It should have detected the hardware correctly when it was
    installed. Since it (obviously) didn't get it right, you will
    have to configure it yourself. You will need to know a little
    about the video card and monitor, because the configuration
    program is going to ask you about horizontal and vertical
    frequencies, resolutions and video ram.

    You are going to need to read some of the docs on this stuff.
    Probably, there are lots of docs already installed.
    I can't remember the directory off the top of my head.
    maybe /usr/doc or something.

    I believe the program to set up your GUI is called Xconfigurator.
    Sorry, I'm on windows, so this stuff isn;t in front of me at the moment.
    Believe it or not, GOOGLE
    can find anything you need.
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    If you're having so many problems with Linux, maybe you should just reinstall it. If you aren't familiar with troubleshooting from within Linux, you're going to have a lot of headaches. It'd be easiest if you reinstall it, installing everything you need from the start (including Gnome, KDE or whatever GUI you want to use)... just a suggestion. It should fix all of your problems.


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    for the newbie : Easy workaround - get yourself the newest release of XFree86 (4.2.x) - available at ftp.rge.com - run the installer, "sh install.sh" should do it. Once installed run "XFree86 -configure" and this should create the file /root/XF86Config.new - move the file to the location in which it belongs (ie "mv /root/XF86config.new /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config")
    create the file ~/.xinitrc and modify it to point at the startup script of your favorite window manager (ie gnome usually = "gnome-session")
    now start x by means of "xinit" - this should get you graphical support by means of generic drivers for the vid card. Not spectacular, but a place to start.

    Regards and good luck.
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    I agree with AJ, if you really don't know what to do, you might get a headache form trying to repair these problems. I suggest you just re-install some friendly distro like Linux like RH, Mandrake, or SuSE.

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    since youre kinda newb with linux i suggest re-installing rh. that should work...( backup files )
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    im with the majority here, it'll take a 1/2 hour to re-install, but it could take a couple of days to get it right yourself. get some experiance with the system before you try configuring it manually. linux is a learning experiance, don't get turned off to it at the get-go
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    If GNOME doesn't work...try LILO...

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