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Thread: aaaaahhhhhhwanna kill the little pinguin

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    aaaaahhhhhhwanna kill the little pinguin

    i write this becuz i thougt it would be ueseful for edvery body to have the answer to this question

    how do u install something for linux that is on the other partition of ur cpu using windows (u use windows cuzu dont really now how to do it with linux
    can anybody answer this

    thanks alot

    eye wuz hear

    -deer avenger

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    You're going to have to explain your problem more clearly.
    Do you mean that you want to install some linux software,
    and you want to do the installation from your windows
    partition, while running windows?

    Be patient, you are not going to become proficient at
    using linux by jumping to conclusions.

    What do you need to do?
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    I agree with rcgreen,

    and have a couple of questions for u too:

    1. since when can a CPU (central processing unit (or processor)) have partitions?
    2. why would you want to run linux software on windows ?? (atleast that's what I think ur asking for)
    3. why not install a X server for windows and ssh to a real linux box to make it run the linux software ???
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    I want to download a graphic interface for linux cuz i cannot stand the letters for too long (need of kewl little drawings to make flowers in my head) well i wanted to download gnome and i asked myself an existtential question how am i supposed to install it on linux if well it is actually on the windows partition thaks

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    first off, im a newbie aswell
    it sounds like you would want to do all this wile in the linux partition, if your new to linux i dont think downloading the gui under windows and then trying to retreave it from linux is the simplest thing to do, but still I'm not sure. What I would recomend is to fight the little consule devil your fighting! Boot to linux., Use progs like lynx to surf the internet. Also use the man page! I cant stress that enuff everything you need to know is right there it just takes some time ....sorry im little to no help on howto actually install the GUI, but this is the best i have right now! good luck!

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    guys, I'm pretty sure this person is refering to their other post at


    Still not quite sure what they are asking... pretty flowers huh? hehehe.

    El Diablo

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    mount the windows partition...

    (some people call the whole system a CPU)

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    He wants a silver spoon... He has gotten links and locations for all the resources he needs (really helpful links) and now started another thread... We cant know every single detail of the problem you have so we cant give you a direct answer that will contain all the information you want AND all the background information to explain what we said in that... take the links given you and find answers... then figure out what you read, research what you dont understand in that.

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    I think he wants a step by step gnome installation or how he can install it because his redhat box doesn't have graphical interface.
    But then again i might be wrong.

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