Just thought I would take some free time to write up a meaningful post...Why is it everytime trhe bot Dies..IRC goes to hell. Some people with the power to control what goes on in the Channels turn into *******s to either the less knowledgable or the ones with less of a status in the AO community..I'm posting this in hope that someone with the higher power and more sensability will take pity upon us who may be looked upon as stupid since we may not have jobs with tech companys...or administratng a network...or so on...Earlier today, I was at the mercy of an OPer who I will not name at this time. Who turned into an *******s because of one simple comment. They might claim something else..but thats not important...I beleve as long as your not hanging around the IRC asking how to hack hotmail or someones AOL password, You deserve a chance to freely speak without taking abuse by some people who dont deserve the power they have. I have witnessed many of situations where people are abused because they ask simple questions and are simplely told to RTFM(Read The ****ing Manual) Or google it, Which may be the answer to someone who only askes questions and does nothing themselsves..but contuning on...This is just a cry for help to someone who may take the inicitive to do something to make the IRC channels a better place to chat and have the occational place to lash out maybe. My point is basicly is trying to hopefully bring some peace to the damn channels....Excuse my spelling as I am tired and my res is super small