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    this site has some pretty cool pictures of what happens when you don't have your fans running correctly


    there's also some really cool pictures of water cooled systems. anyone out there into watercooling?
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    I'd like to tack on a pretty obscure question that I was wondering about... For all you fan and case cooling gurus...

    Is it better to have a fan taking air from outside, and blowing it down onto the processor, and then slightly-warmer air cools the motherboard, etc.

    Or is it better to have the fan blow up away from the processor, sending that air directly out of the case?

    I've been considering experimenting with adding a sort of ducting pipe inside a machine in order to let the CPU fan either pull air directly from a front (filtered) opening, or to have it run in reverse and exhaust directly out of the back of the computer through the same duct. (By 'duct' I mean a sort of sleeve (nonconductive)-over-slinky-like tube. Think your clothes-dryer and the round metal bendy-pipe and you get the idea.
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    -> the store I work at puts together 'ice boxes' where you have maybe for or five fans in the box and you can throw in a nice copper cpu heatsink/fan. If you like that, go with it, man, and get the full-blown cpu water cooling setup.

    -> all kidding aside, your lucky to have made it like that for two years, imo, because I've lost more than one component to heat.

    -> as far as whether the fans should pull warmer or cooler air over the system, I would guess that the manufacturers would recommend cooler air. increased heat=increased resistance in electronic components, and if you want billions of cycles in the processor you want as little resistance as possible on not just the chipsets but all the many traces all over the board. if you set up fans to work like you suggest (I assume you mean by swapping the power supply as an outlet [high on tower] with the case fan as an inlet [usually lower]), in an enclosed space, the effect would be degraded performance over time.

    -> of course, laptops are very densely populated and they do alright in thermal dissipation. let us know how it comes out.
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