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Thread: Windows XP hassles

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    Exclamation Windows XP hassles

    I had a strange problem which made me to reinstall XP. Its really a ****. The thing is.... at login screen which asks for password, my keyboard and mouse got struck up and thats the end. I need to restart. Again the story repeats.... At last i reinstall XP.

    Do anybody have the reason????

    Thanx in advance.

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    Didn't you already ask this somewhere? (I remember reading it in another thread)

    Anyway, have you tried turning off your system, unplugging your keyboard and mouse and plugging them back in? It's quite possible you simply didn't have a good connection. The next question is, are the keyboard and mouse both PS/2 or USB? If they are USB, it's quite possible that somehow, XP lost the drivers for them. If this is the case, you're basically in a Catch-22. You need to get into Windows to install the drivers, but you can't get into Windows unless you have the drivers for the keyboard... If this is the case, the easiest solution would be to simply use another keyboard to start the computer, and plug in your USB keyboard once you are in Windows so that it can reinstall the drivers. Otherwise, the keyboard and/or mouse may work within Safe Mode, so if the keyboard works when you start the computer, booting into Safe Mode may resolve the problem so that it can install the proper drivers.


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    Ok... I'd like to say that I've seen this kids question before... but it was in the middle of another thread, so all you lamers who have given him negs, you are pussies... hell, you didn't even post, and try to help him before damning him.....

    Anyway, to spend my time on someone who could be worth it, mate, avdven's advice is good, but give us some more information.... I mean, if I was looking at this if I was at work, I'd say that your motherboard is fukt... but I'm not gonna say that... hell, it could be just drivers as avdven said, but it might not be... so, give us, say a full spec of your system. I mean, if your using an MS keyboard & mouse, there isn't much chance that its gonna be drivers....

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