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Thread: Faster than Soup!

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    Faster than Soup!


    This is what happens when you let the P.R guys make adds with out consulting the tech guys, or even a grade 8 science teacher.

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    OK...my son starts college next week....If I go out and buy him an Apple with the fastest G4 possible, does that mean he gets his diploma yesterday or will the processor simply reach infinite mass, create a black hole and relieve me of my tuition obligation by devouring our solar system the first time he boots it up?
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    LOL.. very very funny article!

    I liked this quote the most:
    " Using my new 'faster than light' Dual Ghz PowerMac G4, I was able to have already read this article a day early. Excellent writing! And I can tell you the stuff you are going to write for tomorrow is absolutely fantastic!!"

    Faster Than Soup! *w00t*

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