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    Linux Installation on Dimension 8100.. Newbie

    I would like to dual boot linux and WinXP on a Dell Dimension 8100. How would I go about doing this?

    I was thinking Red Hat 7.3, but need help on how to dual boot effieicently and where to find the drivers.

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    I would refer you to the following thread: Simple, straightforward....But read every detail.
    Installing Red Hat

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    First thing I would suggest is the Red Hat hardware compatibility list. http://hardware.redhat.com/hcl/

    My next suggestion is a good Google search.... and especially groups.google.com to see if anybody else has tried it before you. A wise man learns from his mistakes. A genius learns from the mistakes of others.
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    Red hat 7.3 has a gui installation, thus it is really easy to install. It'll even partition for you now. (very easy) to get your lilo to reconise XP just go to (i think) ect/lilo.conf something simaller at least and edit the file. Then type lilo in to a xterm and there ya go....you have xp and RH7.3 dual booted on yo ****

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