I'm new to the site. So I've taken some time to read posts and anything helpful. I noticed that the site facts suggested that one should do a search to ensure he/she doesn't make a post with the same subject as an old one (and I can see how that could get annoying). Maybe if each user was assigned a 3 digit code that could be automatically added to the subject.

I plan to add R26 to any posts I made in the future so I can easily to a search and find all the posts I make. This could be helpful for people who have achieved Senior member status. Or if you find you enjoy a certain members comments.

Just a thought That is my first post but this code idea seems like it could useful. As for how to set a system up (if this is a good idea) that's up to someone else.

I probally should have put this in a different thread but I think saying I had a suggestion covered the basics.