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Thread: New Feature: Similar Threads

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    New Feature: Similar Threads

    Greetings All:

    Now, when you view a thread, the site will search the database for any threads that may be similar to the one you're reading. If it finds any, it will list the top 6 at the bottom of the thread page.


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    JP, thanks for the new feature. Not only will it help for things already discussed, but reduces the amount of time needed to find similar things you might be looking for.


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    Very cool JP....I saw this a couple of hours ago (evidently just after you turned it on) and figured I was just having a flashback. This is a great feature to have, and I'm happy to know that it's not a result of heavy chemical buildup from days gone by! GRACIAS!!!
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    Nice feature, thanks.

    I was just wondering if this feature could be incorporated into the posting of a new thread .... to show something like, "This subject may have been discussed in the following threads ......" and the option of either continuing to post, or to go and have a look at the ones listed so as not to "re-invent the wheel", so to speak.

    Just a thought.

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    Awesome new feature JP! Definitely, as always, you have another great feature that will help make AO better than what it already is. Much appeciation from me given to you and All AntiOnline has provided me so far. Thank you again! --Jason Copeland.

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    I put this in suggestions too, but... Are there any plans to let us submit our own 'similar' hits in case the engine misses something obviously relevant?
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    Nice new feature JP! Keep up the good job!
    ~see you on IRC

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    Cool, Thanks Its a nice new feature, Keep up the good work

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    This is a realy cool usefull new feature, thank you JP

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    thanx JP good idea

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