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Thread: New Feature: Your Bookmarks

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    New Feature: Your Bookmarks

    Greetings All:

    You can now keep track of all of your favorite sites via your AntiOnline Account! You'll find the link, "Your Bookmarks", under the "Member Functions" box in the "Your Account" window on the main page.

    You can add private bookmarks, or public bookmarks. Private bookmarks, only you will see. Public bookmarks will be added with the public bookmarks of other members to create the AntiOnline Member Bookmark Database. There's a link to this database on right side of the main page, called "Member Bookmarks".

    You can even import your netscape bookmark file or microsoft favorites folder (after conversion)!

    Enjoy, and I hope that everyone contributes to help make the Member Bookmarks database a useful and complete source of security, technology, and just plain out cool websites.

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    /me is amazed completely outta mind at how much great features JP can come up with. JP, your like a php wizard man. You create so many great features. Thanks again JP! Keep the great features coming! -- Jason (JC) Copeland.

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    You've been quite the busy little beaver (no pun intended) tonight JP....well done!
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    Hello Jp,

    Thanks for adding the Bookmark feature, it's a cool feature for members, but most importantly, the feature is geared towards the online community as a whole with the creation of the Antionline Member Bookmark Database. The database will be helpfull in the dynamic exchange of information.

    Keep-up the good work!!!

    ======= A blessed day to all!!!!

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    Just an idea - but maybe you should start making these features an AP status one. For instance you need, oh lets say, 500+ points for you to recieve this feature....

    /me cries

    I've got 1200+ AP's and I havn't been reciprocated dammit. :P

    Just an idea though. Maybe, maybe not... who knows. Great feature though. I'm already using it
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    people at MIT must consult u for developing AI. this site is getting better every passing day.

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    Über 1337... I was using a similar service called Blink for a year some year ago but it turned commercial so I quitted and never found any as good service. Main bad thing about other services was that when you uploaded your bookmark file twice it didn't check if the bookmarks or folders already existed but just created new ones. I currently use three computers more or less frequently and they all have different kinds of favorites-folders: most links are same but some can be found from just one computer. I'd love to have all these merged, so I wonder if this service can help?
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    JP, did I mention you were always my favorite? :P Thanks for this, I have a hard time keeping track of my bookmarks. I reformatted 17 times in one year, yeah all thanks to winblows. So this will help me out alot. Thanks!
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    Perhaps I should put this in OOPS a bug!!!

    I added 2 links (Linux.com and SourceForge)

    and guess what.. they are not in my list
    and on the bookmarks page it says "spectre" added them..

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    yup I have to same problem. I tried adding links but they are not on my list too.
    (nevermind this post. I tried deleting it but it keeps telling me that i no right to delete this post or i have to be logged in)

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