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Thread: The return of...antihaxor!

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    The return of...antihaxor!

    Hello poeple.....

    It's been awhile everyone. I do however have an excellent excuse(which I'll post later)
    I really didn't want to post a thread about said return but I really don't see a place where I can just jump right in.I just wanted to send out a shout at all my ole buddies and say;

    Wuz Up!

    ps..[please forgive me if I'm slow to the draw or if I'm violating a new policy about "personal non site related posts" I used to hate those when I was contributing here but now I understand]

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    w00t w00t!!!

    Too bad you havn't really missed anything for us to talk about dude...

    AO, imo, has done this sudden downhile slide...

    Now mind you it's still one of the best boards this side o' the net. But whoa... us "seniors" really need to start posting for the benefit of this place. But whatever...we'll see what happens.

    Anxiously awaiting your whacky comments/posts/threads Antihaxor. lates.
    ...This Space For Rent.


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