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    AntiOnline IRC...an example of why two autojoins doesn't work!

    I am normally not one to complain about free services that are provided, but I just spent the time to read through the post made by SarinMage (http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=233108) about changes that should be made to IRC. What follows is a copy and paste from IRC today (August 18 at 11:20AM):

    *** Guest has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <Guest> hello
    <Guest> can any1 help me
    <Guest> i have a virus
    <Guest> backdoor.slackbot.b
    *** dpksdv has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
    <Guest> hello
    *** kasper has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <Wizeman> yay for TechnicalDiscussions....way to help the Guest
    <Wizeman> Guest...
    <Wizeman> what's up now?
    *** Guest has quit IRC (Quit: Today is a good day to chat.)

    Good thing we had two channels, so we can focus on helping the guests, and having technical discussions.

    Having two auto join channels only serves to make conversation more difficult to follow, and it most certainly does NOTHING to foster technical conversation. Bottom line is that the vast majority of users on AO IRC work with computers for a very good chunk of their day, and we don't want to talk about it all the time (as is evidenced by the fact that the only technical discussions that occur happen when someone has a work related question).

    If you want to help the Guests, then make it so they autojoin to a channel that is specifically for technical help, where people will know to pay attention when there is activity because it must be a question, and make the registered users autojoin to a general chitchat channel. If you want to foster technical discussions, then set up times when the room the general chit chat room is moderated and there is a specific topic of discussion, with adequate advertising on AntiOnline itself!

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    I kinda agree with u wiseman.

    I am allready starting to click on both to see updates, that doesn't make it easier.
    but you can all just call me a commie.. one irc room is all we need..

    I'll just stick to #GeneralChitChat since i don't irc to help ppl install a virusscanner..
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    ok there was a post - http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=233108 - Where ALOT of people agreed that we should have 2 AutoJoins, now that we do everyone is against it....

    make up your damn mind... do you know how much JP was bugged about that post that he should listen to us, now that we have it you people dont want it??

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    Had I known about the existance of that thread prior to JP closing it, I would have contributed to the thread, and let everyone know that 2 channels isn't the way to go. Quite a few people in that thread said two channels wasn't a good idea, so you can hardly say EVERYONE wanted it.

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    y0 wizeman, you bring up a good point, but there were like 5 lines of text between the guests question and his/her leave. and apparently they didnt leave because of the non-help, no one should expect to get help in 30 seconds or less. Since you made mention to the guest of your existence, then he/she left, that proves that the guest didnt leave because he/she wasnt getting his/her help. now as you all know, i like the partitioned rooms, they seem to be working fine, and hey, jp said we are just trying it out for a week or so, and if it lasts great, if it doesnt, great. Just let it be tried out for more than 12 hours before saying it doesnt work.

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    Heh, Two suck... Hard to keep track of all tjhe bots

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    Yeah, good point. I two, am against two . I liked it better when their was just one.

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    Ok, you all speak up now that its done, but where were you when hogfly, louie, and myself were all complaining about the idea? It gets really confusing when you have 4 windows auto open when you join an IRC server....and that was tonight. Durring the day, it is going to be worse, because I have my client set to auto-open certain query windows also.

    Why do you have to switch windows to see whats happening in the other room? Check your IRC client. Most of them have a way to tile the windows. I haven't found a way to do it in xchat yet, but a lot of them do.
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    soulman i was vocal about it im just posting some evidence and ask chsh hogfly sarin if i was vocal almost got banned for it
    neway on to the evidence

    *** Alex signed off: "Quit: [x]chat" at 05:27AM
    *** CSM signed off: "Connection reset by peer" at 05:29AM
    *** kasper joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 05:31AM
    *** Alex joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 05:32AM
    *** mE joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 05:34AM
    *** mE signed off: "Connection reset by peer" at 05:35AM
    05:39AM <Alex> Has anyone here had any experience with Remote Data Service
    05:39AM <Alex> ?
    05:39AM <Alex> RDC
    05:39AM <Ace> nope
    05:39AM <Alex> whoops
    05:39AM <Alex> RDS
    *** xmad-cig is now known as xmaddness
    *** mad_fox9007 joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 05:41AM
    *** mad_fox9007 signed off: "Quit: Today is a good day to chat." at 05:42AM
    *** Debwalin joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 05:47AM
    *** Debwalin left #TechnicalDiscussions at 05:47AM
    05:47AM <Wizeman> bleh
    05:47AM <Wizeman> everyone is dead
    *** mE joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 05:47AM
    *** Tim_axe[amp] is now known as Tim_axe
    *** mE is now known as mE[drinkin_soda]
    *** Liran signed off: "Quit: hope you feel better jan *hugs*" at 05:59AM
    *** mE[drinkin_soda] signed off: "Unknown Error 10053" at 06:02AM
    *** asna joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 06:04AM
    *** mutha****a joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 06:07AM
    *** mutha****a left #TechnicalDiscussions at 06:07AM
    06:07AM <xmaddness> lalalalalalalalala
    *** plop joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 06:07AM
    *** plop signed off: "Connection reset by peer" at 06:09AM
    *** asna signed off: "Quit: " at 06:09AM
    *** xmaddness left #TechnicalDiscussions at 06:10AM
    *** Tim_axe signed off: "Quit: Another cat: http://www.antionline.com/main_photo...&photoid=91202" at 06:13AM
    *** Wizeman signed off: "Quit: Leaving" at 06:13AM
    *** Guest joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 06:15AM
    *** Punkin joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 06:16AM
    *** M joined channel #TechnicalDiscussions at 06:17AM
    *** M is now known as MS
    *** Guest is now known as xmaddness
    06:19AM <MS> hi
    *** MS signed off: "Quit: Today is a good day to chat." at 06:21AM
    *** kasper left #TechnicalDiscussions at 06:21AM
    *** xmaddness signed off: "Quit: Today is a good day to chat." at 06:22AM
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    just my .56c its like that most of the day most people dont stick to it techincal descusion is rarly used and most peoples questions dont get answered they usually did with one channel although their was some crap it was berable now allt heir is people chatting in general and no help before their was at least people helping
    neway im going to get told off for grammer or what ever again

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    the thing is , im a total dumbass and people on irc really help me out like Evil enchilada and xmaddness and it doesnt make a difference 2 channels or 200 , i seen guests get ignored and regular members ignored its all about timing people


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