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Thread: Korean explorer - a problem!!!

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    Question Korean explorer - a problem!!!

    I'm a computer dunce. On the tech side at least

    I don't come to this site that often because I don't understand alot of what is here. But I find it invaluable as an asset to sort out and find answers to my amatuerish computer related problems.

    So here is one of those problems.........
    I live is S. Korea and don't have my computer here with me so only have access to the public computers - all with Korean based windows. Because I'm a net rover I use msn explorer but no matter what I do I can't get it downloaded or changed over to English. My Korean is fairly good but not adaquate to be comfortable with my browser in it. I know, or at least think that I can't simple change the whole windows os to English without reinstalling an English version - which is not an option - but I'm convinced that there has to be a way of getting explorer in english even with a Korean based windows. I can't seem to do it though.

    Is this possible and if yes any input on how to do it is well welcome and the reason for this thread.

    Thanks to all respondants...............

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    how about installing another browser.


    just download and install...
    keep us informed.
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    That is definately an option but the option to use after all else fails.
    but you've motivated me and I'm DLing opera now as I type.
    because I noticed that you're a senior member and responded, not with a solution about explorer but an alternative route I'm starting to feel discouraged about getting explorer into english and I'm hoping this is not the case.

    Thanks for the response though - I'll put you on my christmas mailing list
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