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Thread: Very curious...

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    Exclamation Very curious...

    Hi, last night I was on IRC when an ex-friend of mine private messaged me. He threatened that because I was ignoring him (I had my reasons), that tomorrow his friend is going to call my ISP from his workplace (which is Cisco), and get my 'docs' from my ISP. I'm really wondering if my ISP would give out my info. When he says 'docs' he is referring to address, phone number, mailing address, etc. What do you all think?

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    It is possible that some irresponsible or thoughtless person
    at your ISP might give out your personal info, buy not likely.
    Unless your "friend" is known to be violent. you can safely
    ignore him. You could contact your ISP and ask them to reassure
    you that they don't give out info on users, unless it is a legitimate
    law enforcement inquiry. If I am not mistaken. law enforcement agencies
    usually make such requests in writing, or send officers in person.
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    I wouldn't worry about it.. I highly doubt that your isp would give out any info unless
    the request was coming from some authority.. i.e. the fbi, police.. and there "should"
    have to be some valid reason.. other than ignoring you.. lol

    If you saved the log from that IM.. you could report HIM to HIS isp for vague threats.

    I'd just let it go.. and ignore him completely.. i.e. don't threaten back

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