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Thread: Similar Threads Feature bug

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    Similar Threads Feature bug

    I realize it's a new feature (and a nice one too) and new things are bound to have
    a glitch here and there, but I just wanted to point out a thread that shows two
    supposedly similar threads.. and neither have anything to do with the original thread.


    not sure how.. but possibly rip and isp are being compared and coming up as a match

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    and what the "AO edit feature bug" and the "Thread Title bug" have to do with it...

    but what'd you think.. no software is ppl proof !
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    no, the_JinX...

    I can see how those two examples plays into the formula.. the search is obviously keyed
    off the title of the thread.. and those two have words in the title that are the same.

    but rip and isp.. those aren't the same at all

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    Maybe the search engine is hyper intelligent. It knows that many ISP's use (or at least used to use) the RIP routing protocol...
    More likely, it was the fact that RIP only has 3 letters and so does ISP. And they both have an I and a P in them. And all the threads contained the word software at one point or another.
    Then again, maybe I just have no idea and really need to get some sleep.
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    I just think the 'similar thread' feature is not working well enough to be worth it. It seems to only match based on thread titles. No idea bout the RIP/ISP thing.
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