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Thread: PazderProgramming!

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    Post PazderProgramming!

    Hello All, JC here. I was thinking of starting my own Programming website, strickly dedicated to programming. The website will either be PazderPro.com or Pazder.net I was also thinking if there is anyone who is intrested in being a staff member for it and/or helping me design the website/webpage for it. I am basically calling on webdesigners to help me build the website with their talent and I'm looking for staff members for PazderPro. The site will mainly consist of multiple pages designed to help beggineer's and advanced programmers alike. We are trying to target the VisualBasic, PHP, Perl, Assembly, QBasic programming area. Those are the area's we hope to target in expertise. if anyone is interested, reply to this thread or PM me. Thank You-- Jason Copeland.

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    Qbasic? Is that still used?
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    I'm not sure if it is still used of not, but I'd certainly like to learn it. Also, we'll try to have Delphi in there as well. Remember, if you want to be a staff member or help design the site, reply or PM me.

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    well. I used to use Qbasic a lot..

    well then again I used to use more Microsoft programs alot..

    and Qbasic was the kewlest programming language around (when I was 12 years old)

    I could write a Quickbasic tutorial.. but then.. I'd rather studdy some more C/C++
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    That's another position for the staff -- Tutorial Writers. I'm going to need a load of them to help me out on the site. Again, if you could help with site, be a staff, or help at all, Reply or PM me. --Jason (JC) Copeland

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    Thumbs up very nice and interesting!

    hey! Mr. Copeland,

    can you include C or C++ as part of the traget language?

    Coz! it's hard to learn Pearl without a background knowledge of C language, specially for

    the bigenners.

    I vote for the plan!

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    Eh, you don't vote really. This isn't an AntiOnline feature, it's my site. Lol, I'll try to have C/C++. Thanks though!

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    Q Basic

    Hey Hey Hey

    Dont be dissin the only programmin languange i know. Q Basic is used in my school for Programming 1. There are 3 different classes. Programming 1, 2 and 3. In Order...Q Basic, Java, and C++. That is the only programming they offer at my highschool...I hope to get a VB cd before i take Java... Tell me what you think about the lil set up?
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    I don't understand what you mean by "lil set up" so please explain that to me.

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    lil set up

    i um done know alot about programming...that is why i asked.....but what i ment was the lil set up is the way the "jumped" around with the languanges. Like do you think it is cool out of all the different laguanges they picked those 3 and in the order. Like i said i am not the good but i think Q Basic to java is a big jump. But i dont know.....Please help me out with what you think.
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