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Thread: microsofts new os?

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    Angry microsofts new os?

    I was reading through my computer mag the other day and came across an interesting article about Microsoft’s new os, codenamed pallidum.

    i have scanned in the article from the computer mag and attached it to this thread, sorry for the poor quality, but its still readable if you zoom in.

    What are you opinions of "pallidum"?

    personally I don’t like the idea of not being able to play mp3s, yes mp3s can be pirated and shared across file sharing apps, but some people do legitimately buy the album and rip it to their hd so they don’t have to fart about changing cds.

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    Well then I guess Bill Gates sold out all PC users to Sony and the RIAA.
    You could always switch to Mac
    And if you are patient enough then perhaps Linux.

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    Following rule number two, from the MS rules of acquisition, he didn't sell out to anybody, this will keep people from making/using copies pf his software, that way he can make even more money. Coming across as the savior of the entertainment industry, maybe no one will object to his techno-fascist ways.

    This whole thing is way out of hand and IMHO is the end of, the way of life we know.
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    Yicks! I think this is going to far, With all these companies copyrighting things, I think if it continues the internet will fall apart under all these copyright laws. The days of the net being a gobal resource will end

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    I think that between The .NET project and Pallidium, MS will have big troubles.
    And if Linux become really easy to use before MS launch Pallidium... It could be very interesting to watch the public reaction.
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    hahaha! If they launch this i wana see who buys it besides the big music and movie and companies. Little by little if microsoft lanuches this it would dies out. Now that peopel are swiching to linux and and mac's cause all of the windows os's have too many bugs could you imagain how many peopel are gana swicth cause of all the restrictions mad move guys!

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