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    how would i add a password

    hey how can i add a password that would pop up as soon as windows starts that you can't go around...
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    well that all depends on which version of windows you wish to accomplish this on. In the case of windows 98/95, you can't unless its a program that works with windows, but isint a part of it. If its windows xp or 2000, it should already have it implemented on setup.
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    To add this feature in Windows 95/98, you can either edit the policies using Poledit, or use a third party program to control log ons. A client I have has been very happy using ScreenLock (they used to have a demo available, but I'm not sure if they still do... search for it in Google or on download.com). I'm sure there are many other third-party tools available as well. Just look around a bit, and I'm sure you can find something. By the way, why do you need to implement this? Generally, it's not that big of a deal not having passwords on a system, except in a corporate environment or on a computer which holds sensitive information.


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    Hi pal...

    You can either do it by addisng user accounts.Still one can login by pressing the "cancel" button.You can disable it by editing the registry.Follow these steps

    1) Type regedit in Run box.
    2) Go to " HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "
    3) on the right panel right click and create a String value
    4) rename it to "NoLogon"
    5)then modify its value to "RUNDLL32 shell32,SHExitWindowsEx 0"
    6) Save changes.

    Restart your comp and u are ready.
    If u are the only user then try doing the registry edit only(i haven't tried it for one user).

    Warning: Backup the registry before editing it if u are new to it.(File>Export Registry)

    Good luck.

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    you could add a bios password if yuo dont even want them to get into windows...
    start your computer, hit (could be a couple of things) look at the screen when you turn on, should tell you hit ____ to configure blah blah... usually F2, delete or another F-button. and that will get you into the bios. look around the menus and you should find set up bios admin password. heck, look hard, for most bios are different.
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    Is the password required to even boot the machine? Or a password to log on to the computer?
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    It's been a long time since I've done this, but......

    Most BIOSes will allow you to set the password option to either "Setup" or "Boot." If it's on setup, you will be asked for the password to enter the BIOS setup screen. If it's set to boot, you will be asked for the password before you can boot the machine.
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