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Thread: Questions on Quick Tips

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    Quick Tips

    hi all. i can't find this on the faq.

    - is there a way to edit a quick tip?
    - is there any "quality control" for those quick tips?

    sometimes i want to give some comments on a quick tip. will i just pm the poster or start a general chit-chat about it?

    for example, there is a quick tip (i don't remember the exact words or who the poster is) like this: "to avoid getting flamed, don't post". well, while it's true, it sounds very discouraging. what about "quality post, or no post" ?


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    No, quick tips can't be edited.

    If you want to comment a tip, PM the author.

    Some people review the quick tips before they're put available. I also think the "don't post" is not a very good tip but I'm not sure who review the tips -> who to post to about it. I'd guess Ennis and/or Negative. JP can do anything but he is usually busy with other things.
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