Hi all

I've been a member of this board for a while now, but I have never posted. So here I am!

Its nice to meet you all.

I am a lawyer specialising in IT Fraud for the DEFENCE. Please don't be worried by me being here. I am have number of people who can vouch for me. I also give legal advice for many people on other forums.

If anyone requires any help or advice, then please feel free to contact me.

I presently represent clients who have found themselves in the hands of the law in relation to Hacking, software piracy, digital television, games consoles etc.

My details are as follows:

Sarah Lyons
IT Fraud Depaertment
Tuckers 24 Hour Criminal Lawyers
63-65 Mosley Street
Manchester M2 3HZ

Tel: 0161 233 4321
Mobile: 07740 722 695
email: lyonss@tuckerssolicitors.com

If you have any questions, I will be happy to help.