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    National Education Association

    The National Education Association is suggesting to teachers that they be careful on the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks not to "suggest any group is responsible" for the terrorist hijackings

    no, of course not...
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    I think it's stupid to put blame and point fingers since everybody will end up being pointed at. I think with history, only facts should be taught and opinions discussed but not to the point of persuading others of who is actually at fault since everybody loses when it comes down to death, war, terrorism, etc (and it's always a different story from the other side). Teachers should educate students to tolerate, accept, have compassion and understanding for others. We are all HUMAN beings, brothers, sisters, we must learn to love one another and not to hate. It's because of hate that people are blinded and act against each other. The cycle won't end unless you stop hating and start having a heart.

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    Thanks, rc. My wife ia a NEA member. I'll be sure to point the 9/11 teaching out to her.

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