I figured with the lack of good threads running right now that i havent posted to ill just add a funny log i just had with a moron who thinks hacking is IRC

Yes i will admit i did flood their room because they attempted to take over our room and for the last past 4 months have been packeting our eggys and users with DDoS clients such as litmus in lame attempts to seem elite to their friends

[09:57] <_`Neo`_> well u unbanned now
[09:57] <syck> [09:57] *** You were kicked from #hackarmy by ChanServ (_`Neo`_ said ur moma can suck his dick !)
[09:57] <syck> thats mature
[09:57] <_`Neo`_> that's true ur mom can suck my dick
[09:57] <_`Neo`_> ok ?
[09:57] <_`Neo`_> and don't flood my room again bish
[09:57] <_`Neo`_> clubslut is ghey
[09:58] <syck> if u had sumthing to blow, maybe u could find a dog 2 do it
[09:58] <_`Neo`_> no tell ur mom she sucks better
[09:58] <syck> i got a idea, why dont u take ur immature virgin self and get off the computer and try to get laid then maybe ull accually have a idea of what ur talking about, because computers isnt the only ur really stupid at aparently
[10:00] <_`Neo`_> su looser
[10:00] <syck> good come back
[10:00] <syck> your about as witty as, oh i dunno.... lets say... a rock?
[10:01] <_`Neo`_> well ****er learn how to speak french and we'll if u can speak it as good as i speak english ok ?
[10:02] <syck> how about u just give up ur immature ways and call it quits with ur pathetic 12 year old ways?
[10:04] <_`Neo`_> if i'm immature u just a ****tard
[10:04] <_`Neo`_> ur mom maybe drop u a lot when u was baby
[10:05] <syck> if u didnt know, insulting peoples moms does not make u cool... WHen u come up with a insult that is not told to everyone at least 20 times by a kid who doesnt have pubic hairs and is still shooting blanks out of his so called penis, then please do let me hear it
[10:06] <_`Neo`_> not insulting ur mom right now bish
[10:06] <_`Neo`_> just telling u ur mom must dropped u a lot when u was baby
[10:07] <syck> why dont u create a channel that doesnt have lamer printed all over it?
[10:07] <syck> i mean #iamascriptkiddy is even better then #hackarmy
[10:08] <_`Neo`_> ok and u 'll creat #iamanewbie
[10:08] <_`Neo`_> ok ,
[10:08] <_`Neo`_> ?
[10:08] <_`Neo`_> lol
[10:08] <syck> good come back.... *cough cough*
[10:08] <_`Neo`_> and #clubslut need competition
[10:08] <syck> its like they dont even try to speak english anymore
[10:09] <_`Neo`_> well why u don't try to speak french ?
[10:09] <_`Neo`_> if u think it's so easy
[10:09] <syck> to lazy to go to www.dictionary.com to find translations
[10:09] <syck> why dont u just give up trying to insult me and learn that what ur saying has no effect?
[10:09] <syck> your just proveing how immature and stupid you can be
[10:10] <syck> "winning a fight online is like winning the special olympics, even if u win ur still a retard"
[10:10] <_`Neo`_> lmao cause u think what u saying has effect on me ? lol
[10:10] <syck> ur the one who is inviteing me to ur room and msging me
[10:10] <_`Neo`_> blah sorry ur the dropped one not me so u r the retard here
[10:10] <_`Neo`_> and u flooded my room first
[10:10] <_`Neo`_> ok
[10:11] <_`Neo`_> go to play lego
[10:11] <syck> i did not flood ur room, i simply made it bigger
[10:11] <syck> and for christ sake
[10:11] <syck> ur the one trying to take down #clubhit
[10:11] <syck> basicly what im letting u know is this
[10:11] <_`Neo`_> lol
[10:11] <syck> clubhit is bigger then hackarmy
[10:11] <syck> and we sure as hell are not threatened by u
[10:11] <_`Neo`_> i'm noty trying to tzke down #clubhit i have better to do
[10:11] <syck> and we will sure as hell nock u down everytime u try to look like proxys are cool
[10:12] <syck> then start acting like it
[10:12] <_`Neo`_> yes clubhit is full of **** like u
[10:12] <_`Neo`_> that true
[10:12] <syck> cause ur better things to do seems to be insulting people u dont know
[10:12] <syck> u dont even know me kidiot
[10:12] <_`Neo`_> u too ****tard
[10:12] <syck> all u know is that im from clubhit and i personaly think ur a moron
[10:12] <syck> arent u n30satanik ?
[10:12] <_`Neo`_> i don't care what u think
[10:13] <_`Neo`_> yes and
[10:13] <syck> mr "i wrote my own scripts even thought u can find 30 copies of them only written before i even knew what IRC was i mean come on i even stole one of the most well known scripters on this nets x-chat addons calling them my own when they were clearly beyond what i could write"
[10:14] <syck> k well i gotta go kiddy, but ill be sure to log this and put it on my favorite security website for all to read and laugh at, cya
[10:14] <_`Neo`_> lmao
[10:14] <_`Neo`_> lmao
[10:14] <_`Neo`_> lmao
[10:14] <_`Neo`_> yes u better leave me alone
[10:15] <_`Neo`_> kid
[10:17] <_`Neo`_> ur just a pathetic ****
[10:18] <_`Neo`_> but ur the only one who flood my room with ur ghey bots
[10:20] <syck> i cant belive ur not shutting up, its like u feel like im listening or even reading what u said after i said bye! get over it kid ur not anything new, ur not some elite hacker, ur group is nothing cool, u cant do anything to any of us that some lamer hasnt already tryed to do!! ur **** is old and over used! ur a script kiddy who downloaded DDoS bots for windows scanning for open shares to upload ur clients
[10:21] <syck> Ur dumb, ur played out, and for christ sake, ur a loser!

-- end --

Gotta love kids these days