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    the really sad thing is there are tonnes of these kiddies out there just like him lol
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    u asked what
    has to do with security ?

    if u read the post u would have noticed i was pointing out the fact that using randomg #s and letters with random cases makes ur password almost impossible to brute force with well over 54,507,958,502,660 possibilitys... then again i guess ur just looking to put me down...

    as for the thing on RIP asking about ripping MP3s off a CD isnt exactly something id consider security related and more on the lines of sumething ud see on some shitty warez site and anyone with half a brain could find a program like that using which u should have read the FAQ about posting so you could have done it without wastieng time

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    NetSyn -
    u asked what has to do with security?
    Who asked this? Anyway, I think you just need to realx a bit. I read that comment you made to that person who asked about cd rippers. Frankly, I found it to be haughty and judgmental. Saying that any idiot can find it on google is a pretty messed up thing to say as well. So what if you find it easy? Would it be so hard to point someone in the right direction?
    And this chat log...not that funny. So you went in a room, and talked smack to some other fool who has a hard time speaking English in the first place...Maybe that's fun for you...
    Either way man, you're entitled to act how you want, but that post about that ripper thing really pissed me off....
    Don't know why I'm bothering to mention it, but oh well.

    Take it easy.

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    netsyn--you are obviously an intelligent person who has made a name for himself here, But
    some of the comments you have made here recently lead me to believe that you are a very angry and childish person.
    calling somebody half-brained because they were looking for suggestions is a little harsh, i hope some of the other senior, and addict members make an example of you and knock you down a few knotches on the totem pole.
    maybe thats what you need.........
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    I think everyone needs to take the time to calm down and do some ink blots. Take it easy guys

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    Some people find different things funny, I would have thought that is was somewhat funny if you had started typing in french. But, it just sounded like a little online community battle between you two.

    And one other thing is that I must be really bored to be posting a reply to this because this is a thread i would normally just leave alone.


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    hum... looks like both parties were just throwing random toilet humour back and forth, i see no victor.

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    Hmmm, what Network is this, I want something to laugh at in the weekend's

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    I think it is funny like hell!
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