help driver intel v.92 to kernel 2.2.17
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Thread: help driver intel v.92 to kernel 2.2.17

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    Talking help driver intel v.92 to kernel 2.2.17

    they alguem can help me to find to driver for the modem intel v.92 for kernel the 2,2,17 and commands to install debtor

    (alguem pode me ajudar a encontrar o driver para o modem intel v.92 e os comandos para instalar)
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    voce e primer braseileiro que eu veo en este sitio. bon sorte nao fala portugues!
    *the wise do sooner what the fools do later.
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    While I appreciate the fact that English may not be your first language AphexTwin, it's the official language of AntiOnline. Let's stick to it from now on, mmmk?
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