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Thread: AntiOnline is it AntiNewbies?

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    Exclamation AntiOnline is it AntiNewbies?

    Well, what could I say, or add?

    This is my second-post over here, and I was shocked with the results of my first posting; TCP/IP Basics - Introduction or http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=233718 . I really did not understand why that happened?

    Guys, can't you show some mercy towards us?

    I am newbie over here, and the posting-- The very first one, was a mistake! I admit that. But, is that the way you go on posting negatives antipoints against it? It was a matter of time, until I realized that, when a certain point of negative is reached, I am automatically banned from here. Is that how it goes to someone who was just trying to at least post something? I was just curious to post anything here. I really did not know what such thing that might interest you guys, but then I remembered reading about TCP/IP; a subject I was really interested in, and thought of sharing the information.
    So, instead of writing my very own introduction, I just cut-pasted the best definition from a quilted site, just to make sure I give the right info. My post was also referenced back to the original site.

    Well, I am wrong! Yes, I am, and I am really sorry for what I did. But, don't you guys give advice to someone who was just interested to post over here? It was my first one too.

    Anyways, I am not trying to sound-pathetic, or anything else, I just love this site, and I am going to keep loving it.
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    Well, Just take that first post as a warning. Just remember that the tutorials section is for original tutorials. Many don't like it when someone tries to take credit for others works, not saying that is what you tried to do, but it is wise to always give credit to where you get a post or link from. Now i would suggest just deleting this thread, because many others don't like it when people whine about negs, not to say you are, but some could take it like you are.

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    The AntiPoints system have problems, it's a fact. And nobody has found a perfect way to repare newbies errors.
    So, my advice is: -think 7 times what you will post before post it. It's not easy but it is the only way to learn.
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    Heh, my only advice is to not whine, and if you think some posts were bad, edit them. If you for negative feedback, delete them. Hope I helped! --JCHostingAdmin

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    Good advice from xmaddness and kisscool. You now have a 'well learned' lesson under your belt (most of us here do). Relax, get a feel for what's acceptable and what's not, and don't be afraid to speak your mind. I would caution you, however, to steer clear of the AP subject...it can and has been lethal to some.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    You did give a reference, but I think there is a problem with cut and pasting itself. From now on, if you want to reference someone's work, whether a news article or a tutorial, it would be best to give a link to the original source instead of cut and pasting.
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    MrVirus, i could be wrong, but as a newbie too, i learned these things related to ao tutorials:
    1. a good tutorial is an original one, and...
    2. cut-and-paste is strictly forbidden, but...
    3. reference to others works is permitted, and if you do so, always...
    4. give credit, short description, and link to any source you refer, but again...
    5. that's still considered not original though, and see #1, so you may want to forget it and start writing your own...

    if there were a feature that shows the average mood of all ao members, i wouldn't post a tut when the average is stressed or mad...

    peace always,
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    I would not say that this site is anti-newbie, when i first joined i asked some questions on FTP because i wasnt sure exactly how to connect, etc. And they helped out quite well, but if you make a mistake then theyre gonna call you on it and things like that, but that pretty much goes with any site like this.

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    hello friend.. well this is the basic mistake many newbies does that is , maybe because they don't read the post "pls read before u post" which i think are there in every section, posted by the great moderators.. hence from now onwards read those theards carefully and post accordingly.. and then see u will get greenies...

    all the best..
    A laptop, internet connection and beer.

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    MrVirus cheer-up!!

    Its living, you can't learn, without "stakes".

    Although that is the dark side of it, but just wait till you get hold of the brighter part, you would go Oooh boy, thats cool!!
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