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Thread: Java or C?

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    Jun 2002

    Java or C?

    Which programming language i should learn first? Java or C, plz give me some advise.

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    Jul 2002
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    What is your target platform.... Web applications, Windoz applications, Linux applications, etc.....
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    Well, first, I'd say that I love the whole C thing. But, if you really want my opinion, you should start with Java. Thats IMHO.

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    IT all depends on your target. Java is great in the sense that it's JIT, so distributing programs is jsut a whiz, and that you really can't tax it too much. It's awfully buggy at times, and very finnicky when it comes to syntax.

    C, on the other hand (I assume you mean C++) is hard to get around unless your target is willing to compile for their brand of box... but on the up and up, most C environments have built in debuggers that'll save you a lot lot lot of time and energy, and compile fairly small.

    Syntax is a little less confusing in Java, but you lose a bit of power as a developer because it's been made easier to write for (as I think they intended when creating the language, to make it more popular to write for).

    As to which one is better to elarn first, do with C. It only makes sense, since it's older and alot of Java's syntax was borrowed from C, such that one leads you to the other.
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    c and java are basically the same syntax, the advantage of java is simply its portability.
    if you are a student or just looking to get into programming then i would suggest c, but then it really depends on what your goal is like melby said.
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    Mar 2002
    I really think that although C, C++ and Java are very alike in their syntax, it's better to start with C++, basicly because it's objet oriented.
    It might be harder than Java, when it comes to Object Orientation, but I beleive that starting with difficult things makes it easier to learn simpler things...
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    Dec 2001
    My advice is that you should first learn C and then progress to C++ and then Jave.
    You should be aware of the concepts of Object Oriented Programming in C++ to easily learn Java. However, there are many people who learn Java as the first language. You should be aware of the concepts of structured programming, modular programming and procedural programming in C. Then learn the Object Oriented programming concepts in C++ and then progress to Java that is used wide for Internet programming.

    I hope that would help you in deciding. And best of luck in your education.
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    Aug 2001
    It all depends on what you want to do as to what language to use first. C, C++, and Java all have very similar syntax, but the concepts and implementation of each is very different.

    Pure C is procedure driven and not very useful if you want to write programs that create their own windows. If you are doing batch-type or DOS-based programming then C is a good tool.

    That leaves C++ and Java on the Object Oriented side. I have been using both for years and I have to say that to me Java is much easier to learn and use that C++. The same object-oriented principles apply to both languages, but the keywords and syntax are NOT exactly the same as some posts here would have you believe.

    I would recommend that you learn Java first to get an understanding of OOP. Sure it isn't as powerful (compiled vs. interpreted and use of the machine), but learning concepts like classes, objects and inheritance is to me much easier in Java. Once you understand the concepts then move over to C++. You will have a much easier time of it. Also, it is easier to get a window on the screen in Java because it doesn't really matter what OS you are using. Java takes care of that stuff for you so that you can focus on principles.

    But that's just my opinion...


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