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Thread: VERY funny site!

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    Exclamation VERY funny site!

    Ok this isnt exactly a tech humor site, but its humorous nonetheless. I've probably spent a total of 5 hours looking at this site!! It's mainly a site consisting of Japanese Translations of the English language and most of it is hilarious, so here you go.Engrish

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    Thanks for sharing that link!! Great for laughs. Bookmarked it already! ("All your base are belong to us") <-- I had to type this, hee hee *cough*

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    haha. that site is freakin FUNNY!!

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    This site really cracked me up. Especially the guy wearing a sweater that says:
    "I hate my life, everyday I polish my revolver and I shoot my head like a rockstar."
    Way to emulate your idols dude...(as the caption said)
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