Whats happening in "Berlin"?(Embassy)
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Thread: Whats happening in "Berlin"?(Embassy)

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    Question Whats happening in "Berlin"?(Embassy)

    I've just heard and seen it on TV lastnight.

    Maybe I'm late on this news.... Whats the real issue, why Eraq's embassy taken over by some groups in Berlin?

    Anyone could reply me on what's the real issue?

    Because I want to know and it's coming from other member here specially members coming
    from Berlin.

    Obcourse, it's nice to watch the CNN... but much more i will know if someone coming from
    Berlin will inform me.

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    sorry, im not from berlin, but i heard it was a peaceful takeover (if there is such a thing) with no real demands and no intentions of holding it. They were calling for the overthrow of sudam
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    Thanks for that......

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    It was people that had been exiled from Iraq for wanting a differnent leader.

    Ya know, I am about tired of all this tension with all the ****ed up and pissed of arabs. I'm sorry your countrys suck ass! I'm really am, but if you read my FOR THE HATE OF AMERICA thread you will see that the American dream is for you, the foreigner. Come on over and chill, instead of blowing your ass up.

    I just wish the leaders would wake the **** up and stop giving us Islamic apologetics. I am so tired of it.... I have read the Qu-ran its about killing jews.
    It covers a great deal more, but killing jews none the less. KILLING! IN THERE BIBLE. WAKE UP!
    ISLAM AS A FORM OF GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WORK. And this is why the guys in berlin did what they did. We all heard about the women that was stoned to death in Africa for having a baby out of wedlock. It was the will of Allah that she died. Well you know what **** ALLAH!
    I am about tired of seeing Islam destroy itself and make itself look like the enemy. If there were An All loving and most mercifull Allah he would come down here and BITCH SLAP all of these idiots for disgracing the name of God.
    It is better to be HATED for who you are, than LOVED for who you are NOT.

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