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Thread: IRC IP masking

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    IRC IP masking

    I've been looking for some text on IP masking when connected to IRC. All I've found is people saying that it's quite hard to do but nothing to tell you how to do it.

    Any thoughts?

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    Connect to an IRC server like Antionlines, which supports vhosts. That way, the server masks your ip address for you.....
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    Hmm.. It does? I never thought it did. Someone told me my IP on the chat once. Oh well.. I use the Mirc and AntiOnline client.

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    OPs can see ur real IP adress

    but "normal" users can't
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    Thanks.. I dunno if it was a normal user who told me my IP, it was awhile ago. Thanks though!

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    Ok let me explain something... If you run an IRCd default it does not mask your host, but if you set in the networks file to set mode to +x when you log in it automatically masks it for you.

    Anothing thing is Channel OPs cannot see your IP only ircOPs can.

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    Hi there Livlee.

    You are right about IP masking, its hard to achieve such thing. But, thanks to BNC - Bouncers, you can change your ISP IP to any IP desired. The only drawback about this, is that you have to get a shell account, and that cost some few pounds.

    Anyways, if you want my way of masking through IRC, I go for using an anonymous proxy server. Its so simple, and FREE!

    If you are using mIRC - an IRC client, you can use a proxy server to connect--
    Run mIRC, goto the mIRC options menu, and on the "Connect" tab select "Firewall", and choose Proxy as the protocol. That should do it.

    P.S. The only frustrating part, is searching for an anonymous proxy. You can do that by using any search services, such as Google

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    Thx for your input guy's.

    anonymous proxys:

    I can never ever get these to work for some reason. :/

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    BNCs are nice and easy to setup. You can set one up for windows or for linux, so if you have a nice friend on windows, ask him if you can setup a BNC. To connect through them, use /connect <ip address> <port number> and then do something like /connect CONN <server> <port> I think that is the syntax for BNCs. You can also trade things for BNCs and Shells on certain channels, for dalnet there are lots of them, like #shellh do a /list and see. That +x thing often doesn't work, I guess not all servers support it. And if anybody offers you a PSYBNC get it, it has the same options as a BNC and a lot more. Connecting through wingate or a proxy on a standard port is probably going to be detected and have you disconnected as most IRC servers scan for proxies.

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    but beware of trade PSYBNC and BNC since it was created by another programmers... some of the BNC's have holes which mean that the author of it has access to steal your nick passwords and channel passwords if u have identified on it using BNC.

    just only a reminder. thnx.

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