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    Security Radio Talk Shows.

    I will first off agree with anyone that says they are worthless and consistantly off topic, but I still enjoy them. I started off with Off The Hook, the www.2600.com radio show, and was introduced to Hackermind.net which also ran a weekly radio show. I have noticed OFF THE HOOK has turned into an hour or so of people complaining, and Hackermind.net is going monthly instead of weekly. I was curious to know if anyone knows of any other online radio shows dealing with security, that I may find of interest. Thanx in advance.

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    I've got the same problems with OTH (too much complaining) but i also have a solution!!

    Check out http://oldskoolphreak.8m.com/

    They have a radio show called Radio FreeK America, but it's not all about phreaking. Although i think its kinda new, only 6 months old, it usualy puts out a weekly show. Its pretty good too. If anyone else knows any others please share
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    Thank you A)sna..... I think Radio Freek America is very well done after checking out their latest archived episode. I will definitely check out the next episode.

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