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Thread: VisualBasic Firewall Question

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    Question VisualBasic Firewall Question

    Hi guys,

    Been wondering recently about the way firewall-applications work.

    Itís really something that I or "we" need to understand. How do they do it?
    In more terms, "How does ZoneAlarm detect the application name that is using the Internet?"

    I was searching the web for such a code, I can implement in VB, that could help me get the application or software name that uses the Internet, and to what remote address and port its connecting to. But, unfortunately, I didn't come across any.

    The only thing that inspired me is this: DataWizard Technology - Its a company site that offers ActiveX components to software developers.

    Anyways, what I am actually looking for is: ďA packet filtering source codeĒ. How can I do that in VB? Or develop my very own component?

    Any ideas?
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    Well, I have been working with programming in VisualBasic for some time now. I also have been programming firewalls in VisualBasic for some time as well. Generally, my firewalls are NOTHING like ZoneAlarm or BlackIce and are very small but helpful. I would have no idea how to do the application detection that ZoneAlarm has, but, if you are intrested in programming a firewall, I can help you. I can program Basic to Advanced firewalls that do help. If you would like to learn basic and advanced firewall programming, pm me and I'll see what I can do for you.

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