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    Question Encrypted filesystems

    ok SuSE 7.3 comes with the nice little option to use an encrypted filesystem. ok, the background on that is its a local loopback filesystem, from what i figure its basicly a bit in the kernal that is told to read a file asif it were a normal file encrypted in TwoFish, then use it as a filesystem....... ok, so heres my glitch. i upgraded my kernal from 2.4.10 to 2.4.18 and it dosnt read the file. it tells me that it cant find the module for twofish..... any way ive norrowed it down, its not what i compiled or didnt compile, its just not in the standard kernal distro code. thats all i can figure. anyone know where i can get.... i dont know a patch for the 2.4.18 so that it will read the EFS?

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    You can try the JP patch for 2.4.18. I believe it includes the twofish patch.

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