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Thread: Need some advice

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    Need some advice

    Ok Im not out to incite a flame war nor am I asking for someone to do this for me. But as of 3 days ago, my yahoo account and my wifes yahoo account was stolen. I contacted yahoo and the bday and zip code was changed on the accounts and said those two things cant be changed so they could not help us any longer unless we provided the correct info. Does anyone have an other options that may help us recieve the accounts back other than what yahoo suggested of getting a court order for em. Which for an ID on yahoo would be retarded to do but regardless, if this has happened to any of ya and you have some insight on maybe who to contact and explain and see if they can help Id greatly appr8t it. They stole the IDs then messaged me ***** U Pig hence im a cop and our IDS were cop related and copwiferelated. So any help on avenues would help as far as getting these back. maybe a friend in yahoo of anyone or something who I could contact for them to look into it or anything. Thanks much guys, you are always very helpful when i ask questions here so thank you in advance.



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    Well... As for how they got grabbed and changed, i'd suspect first someone with access to your 'puter, especially if your pwds are "remembered" by your settings (don't have to sign in with username & pwd manually)..., especially since they obviously knew another of your addresses to send you the offensive message from your primary one. Other than that, i'd suspect a small incoming program that got past your firewall and then phoned-home with your info, or a keystroke mapper on some 'puter you used at work or somewhere else....? As for getting your unique names back from Yahoo!, they told you their policy; get a court order or try to (good luck!) figure out what they were changed to. If you could find someone at Yahoo! with some horsepower they *might* take pity on you if you made contact then faxed them the offensive message you got. Good luck, what a bummer.

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    i can be of some help man if you would like. send me a pm on yahoo my id is the same as this one. i can get your ids back ..

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    send the account an important looking document, one that needs to be downloaded. put a small graphic on it that loads off of a server belonging to someone you know, keep greping the server logs for the image name, when it shows up, you got the ip address
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