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Thread: Virus questions

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    Virus questions

    I was updating my A.V. a few days ago and then I got a strange idea, what if there where a trojan that acts as a tool such as PKzip but it is timed to converts important files into .ZIP then on a time or date it then it launches another attack rather than quickly going into DOS or other applications to attack or weaken a system. How effective could a attack like this be? If it would be effective how could you prevent it something that weakens a system by .ZIPing files before a attack useing payloaded worms and (ect.)

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    Who knows? Maybe such trojan is out there.

    But, the most important thing of not getting infected, is to be cautious. Never use, or run any file or software who’s sender or developer is anonymous.

    Keep the definitions up-to-date.
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    most AVs would also have it detected.....

    I mean a torjan programmed as a Zip utility isnt easy to make(unless he stole the code). But im sure there are hacked up versions of WinZip out there somewhere that have little back doors, or that steel AOL passowrds....

    Most important is get a GOOD AV that has FREEEEEEEEE Updates.... i suggest AVG for windows - its very good and it has free updates

    Also i suggest installing a firewall such as Tiny Personal Firewall, that will further inform you of any outgoing/incomming data.

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