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Thread: Inactive members.

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    Inactive members.

    I was looking through some member profiles(well all the ones I had the patience to go through anyways ), and I came across quite a few that hadn't posted anything in quite a while. Maybe it was because they got negged a lot, or whatever, thats not important, whats important is that they seem to be taking up unnecessary space. I even came across some that had zero posts!!!It's not my space, but every little bit helps, i think.
    Perhaps there should be should be a three month expiration period, from your last post. I mean if a member hasnt posted anything in 3 months or so, their profile and membership gets yanked. Antionline could send out an email warning that said person's membership was about to etc etc, a month prior to the yanking....just my two cents.
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    We purge the member list on a regular basis. We just got rid of 10,000 accounts the other day.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.

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