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    ok this my first time at this and pls forgive poor spelling and typing but this is my prob. i play texas holdem poker at party poker some of the outhers players tell me there s a sniffer on just what is it (i hate a cheat) is there any devise i can get to protect my self and tell me if i am being cheated sniffed or is there a download i can get and where (this is the first place i have found thet says any thing about this prob and i have been a lot of places) any help is and will be greatley apprished carl aka RUHITU ::

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    A sniffer picks up packages which make connections possible between two computer (TCP/IP). These packages contain information on your PC and the requests you send to the other computer. This is one of of getting for example passwords from someone else. I am not really sure but I think you can download an antisniffer from the download section of AO. Just run the application when you're online...

    Good luck.


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