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Thread: A guide to Windows is out!!!

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    A guide to Windows is out!!!

    yes i know u saying a REAL one doesnt exsist but hey wot do i know

    Guide to Windows Security
    Tuesday, August 20 2002 @ 10:00 AM CDT

    TechSpot has released a Guide to Windows Security, which is an excellent
    resource for novice
    PC users looking to protect their systems. It covers securing Internet Explorer,
    Outlook Express...

    find more at http://www.hideaway.net/home/public_...20820140905235

    hehe have fun u never know it could actually work
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    I have a guide to Windows Security.
    'The only secure version of windows is the disk, in its box, still in the shrink wrap.'
    Basically, don't use it. lol.
    But hey, I think its cool they are releasing guides like that. It should help to make people more aware of the security risks out there, not just with M$ products.
    Hmmmmm, BTW, has anyone ever found a guide to securing Windows made by Microsoft? I've never come across one, ever. Just wondering.
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    I havenīt seen one either! All Microsoft ever does is release patches (a couple of months overdue)! That is why the hacking community is so important today, it is what keeps up the security around the net!
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    MS has lots of hardening documents out. Everything from securing web, SQL, Exchange servers.. to seven basic steps home users should do to be more secure. Do a search on support.microsoft.com for security and you will find tons of documents. It is easy to not see things, if you never look.

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