Just so you know, we are seeing a rash of unstabilty in machines amoung our clients who installed q317277 to thier XP boxes. Its part of the "auto-updates". We turn them off usually, but some of our "wanna-be-techies" clients turn them on, and we have discovered this particular patch has caused crashing in our test bed machines and in the field. The crash is a simple lock-up. no event log entries, no warnings or hints, we discovered that it was a issue by removing the updates one at a time.

I should add the machines we are seeing this most on is the trademark freedom and trademark liberty PCs. They have AMD 1700 XP processors in them... not sure off hand on the brand of motherboard. Unknown if this is a hardware related crash or software, but just so its known.

Backup Reference: http://computing.net/windowsxp/wwwboard/forum/28890
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