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Thread: EL8 Crackers & The Media

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    EL8 Crackers & The Media

    --13 August 2002 Crackers are Targeting Security Professionals A hacker group called "e18" appears to be targeting security professionals. The group may be responsible for a Trojan that infected OpenBSD code. The group has intercepted e-mail, stolen files from people's computers and published the personal documents in their e-zine. The group is unhappy with the fact that security professionals publish vulnerabilities.

    I downloaded a copy of their zine to see what type of information they are releasing, and after reading their zine. I noticed the information contained is complete garbage. I have attached a copy of the zine, and I would like to know everyone elses opinions. Are these guys crafty hackers or is the media building them up more than the should be credited?

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    I would not say thier stuff is more interesting from some others I have read, but I like to dig out the E-zines to see what they have to say.

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