ok, my problems all began a few days ago when i tried to install a USB mouse. first tool i found to run the USB mouse insted of the built in one (im on a laptop) was GPM (or mabee it was GMP) any way so it didnt work right right away (in KDE, it worked in the console) and so i tried looking arround in yast alittle more and quit. then all the sudden it starte working. ok well thats not really my problem. my problem is that now whenever i use konquorer (and you know how hard it would be to not use it in KDE) i get these screwy lines all across my screen. they flick arround a little bit but for the most part stay where they are on the page..... tho they do jump a little when i hover over a hyperlink of some sort. any way, i gave up on the mouse and took GPM out of the rc3.d run level and in the init.d copy also. so that took care of it for about one boot or so and now there back. what are they?!? and how do i get rid of them? there a real bitch to try and read thru.

attached is a screenshot of them if its any help (damn it, now that i want to see them to get the shot they wont come......... bastard glitches!)

also, when the active screen isnt being effected by them and one that its covering is itll flash up for like 1 frame and go back to the other one. also affects the screensaver in the same way.