I have a project in school. My project is to simulate an ATM program based on C language.

Of course not the entire program, All i need is just a guidelines for making it on
how many array do I need, and
What are the important and possible functions & Code.

I know that it is just like a little bit stuped.. but I know that your far more advance and knowledgegible enough compare to the knowledge of student here in Philippines...

this are the specs:

1) Every student is assigned at least one bank to simulate the bank's ATM system

2) The student is advised to use an initial database containing the names of the
Faculty members of the Computer Science Department as clients of the bank.
The ACCOUNT names should be in 2 separate fields as in LastName and FirstName
Every client should have an total initial balance of P5,000.00 for male faculty and
members and P10,000.00 for female faculty members.

3) Each client may possibly have both a Checking ac**** as well as Savings account
In case a client has an existing account for savings and checks, then the total
balance should be set to twice as much as stated in number 2.

4) Transactions should include the following BUT not limited to..

a) Inquiry b) Withdrawal c) Deposit d)New account

Please.... Thanks in advance...
Hoping you help me in this....