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Thread: Girl Problems!!!

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    Unhappy Girl Problems!!!

    What’s up Kids?

    I have an HP OmniBook 6100 running Mandrake Linux 9.0 beta 2. I also have a D-Link DWL-650+ wireless nic. My problem is this…
    I cannot get this 802.11b card to work with my Linux installation therefore I cannot surf for porn in bed! As a temporary “work-around” I had to go out and get a girlfriend! I have requested assistance from D-Link Support but I have not heard back from them. I have also searched the web and all I can find is info on the previous model (DWL-650) and nothing about the newer “+ ” (Plus) card. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find some help with this? I would really like to get this card working soon so I can dump the woman! Chicks are cool but they can really cramp your style.


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    dude your nutz a chick in the bed is worth a dyck in your hand!

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