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    i ordered a book today

    hey i just got done reading a book called "the heretic" by:jason k. chapman, any ways its a great book i recommend it to anyone looking for something to read othe than our ussual security manuals im sure u all feel me on that one right, but any way i ordered a new book today called"the unofficial guide to ethical hacking" by:by ankit fadia well any ways i was just wondering if anyone has read it and can tell me its worth reading well im out for now but hey got get "the heretic" ul love it!

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    Can you provide a little information about the book?

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    Come on tell us more about this book then... come on we want to know now, you have got us interested. The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking, I have got it in front of me, well its ok, I mean at points he does tend to say something like 'lets write a little script to do this' and then goes on with 5 pages of the thing. I am not sure how ethical some of it is too, using the debug command to change the BIOS, or soemthing of that description, just to get round the diasble boot from floppy..ok then. Its got interesting bit, but I dont think its the best out there, try 'Hacking Exposed, third edition'. I am sure a lot of people on here would recommend it and it taught me a lot, I have read it 3 times so far..... ok so I need to get out more..lol.

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    Mr.Chapsman book"The Heretic"is a very well written cyber thriller;makes one think more than the usual books we read,usually.It's his first nontechnical book and it has been a succes in the market,due first to his talent and second to his expertise in the field ( www.JasonKChapman.com).A joy to read and for me $$$$'s well spended.Food for thoughts and more for a paranoic mind,as mine is.Thanx for reading these and be safe out there!!walter

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