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    need a technical support.

    i have problem with my cpu. i not able to start it. when pressing start button i can hear the hd spinning but it just like it not enough spinning and it can't start.(that what i thought). i try to dissamble everyting but somehow i don't know hope to open the fan. so i just assemble everything back.what i think is may be i have a problem with my processer. it seem like it don't have enough power to make everything work. well hope anybody outside there can give me an advice. thank q very much. and hope u all can understand what i'm wrote. thank q agai.n

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    Tell us more

    When you power the system up do you hear a post code "beep" or a series of beeps? If you do then more than likely the issue isn't cpu related. If you do get a series of beeps this is an error code and means it has failed post. Tell us your bois type if that is the case and we will tell you what is wrong. If you hear a single "beep" then it has past post and you probally have a bad HD. If you hear nothing then it could be the processor or the power supply. Even though the unit seems to power up there is a "power good" signal that goes from the power sup. to the MB. If the mother board doesn't get the signal then it will reset(thats what you're doing when you hit the reset button..interupting the power good signal) or not even begin to post. Give us some more info like MB type cpu type and such. Our instructions can then be precise.

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    hey y2k

    Try this forum (http://www.hardwareforums.com) for this question as well. AO is a great forum for all computer questions but seeking a specialized forum may speed results back to you. You also may want to give a better idea as to the specs for your machine when asking hardware questions. Without detailed information troubleshooting these problems is much more difficult. I hope this helps!

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    a few suggestions i will make:
    1. make sure the red strip of your IDE cables go to pin one on everything (HD, CD-Rom, Floppy)
    2. make sure your RAM is seated correctly.
    3. listen for the fan when you first turn on. if dont hear that, could be 2 things. bad power supply, not set to proper voltage.
    4. listen for the system ok beep should happen when you first turn on. if you dont hear that, you could have bad board.
    5. if it starts beeping, go here for beep codes: http://www.pcguide.com/ts/x/sys/beep/
    6. if you have no video, could be bad monitor or bad video adapter. if you have extras, try replacing.
    7. listen for clicking sound. thats your RAM being checked.
    8. make sure your keyboard is plugged in and nothing is pressing down keys.
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    along with recommendations above: did it ever work for you, is the hard drive recognized in the bios settings, how old is the computer could the battery not be holding a charge.

    give lots more information
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    well there is no beep sound. what i hear is just the spinning of hd sound. and of course the fan working properly. i love to tell wat type of mb i have is but i dunno wat is it. but at the mb written Xcel2000. i'm not sure whether it is the mb name. im using 500 Mhz celeron with 64Ram pc 100.hope it can help my pro. anyway thank q for ur support and help. God Bless.

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    yes.. thank q very much for the help. well need a time to explore the site. thank again

    waa, explore everything but no troobleshoot section..

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    A bit more info would really help.

    Was it working previously?

    You say you hear the HD spinning and the fan going, do you get any BIOS screen come up?

    If not, listen closely for a light rapid ticking sound which usually accompanies the RAM test, is that there?

    With no POST beeps you should be going through your BIOS at least unless the board is totally fried but passing power.

    With some clarification I know we can help you much better.
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    im sure his memory is messed, i get that all the time


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