S3 Trio 64V2 drivers for windows 2000 pro
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Thread: S3 Trio 64V2 drivers for windows 2000 pro

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    Question S3 Trio 64V2 drivers for windows 2000 pro

    WzUp All

    I'm tring to set-up a dual monitor for my PC. I've got two graphics cards.
    1. S3 Trio 3D
    2. S3 Trio 64V2

    Can any1 help me find drivers for S3 Trio64V2 that work on windows 2000 pro. All I could find are drivers for win95,98 & NT, So I tried the NT drivers cause win2k is build of NT tech. But still no luck.
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    hey netmarais .
    Are these what u looking for?
    Number Nine 9FX Reality 332 (S3 Virge)
    Number Nine 9FX Reality 332
    Number Nine 9FX Reality 334 (S3 Virge GX/2)
    Number Nine 9FX Reality 772 (S3 Virge VX)
    S3 765 (Trio64V+) S3mm.drv
    S3 Trio64V2(DX/GX)S3MM.drv
    S3 ViRGE S3V.drv

    Did u search Google for that? http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&i...=Google+Search

    try these links and see if they do help, http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/

    i hope that helps.

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    Per S3's site they are no longer supporting this card....

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    Whats wrong with the drivers that come with Win2kPro?

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