I have taken it upon myself to get reacquainted with learning how to program. For me it takes a slow pace to fully undertsand OOP. In the past I always could get the basics, then after this it would become overwhelming. I would leave it altogether, then go back to it, on and on, etc. I really like doing this. It is exciting having something work, even though it's simple, that was made by yourself.

I have been learning from another programmer just recently who was nice enough to help me out and get me started and has been a great motivator. He has shown me how to code in VB6 and I feel confortable and am surprised at the small stuff I had created. I will still need to reread everything until the codes sink in.

Right now, and for some time now, I have been going through some major problems. I feel this has motivated me to get back into programming. I am having problems with a few people on a chat program, others are as well, admins and all, but I'm getting it the most. I have been punted out of rooms by this person, had my own room effected, been nuked and port tapped by this person, and was sent not so good things through these ports by this person. My computer system has been altered because of this mess. The people who run the chat cannot do anything without proof, how can I get it when this person bypasses everything? To make matters a little bit worse this person knows some higher people as well.

This is a long and involved story and I will not get into the politics of it, because this is what it is about. I have made a GUI and some basic controls to a program I am working on. It's to bean anti punting program that would redirect a punt back to the punter while recording their IP, ad also send the attacker info within the chat environment.

The thing is, I feel like I'm thinking to far ahead to make a program of this nature. I have a psuedo idea but no idea otherwise. If anyone would know of any research sites or places that could help me into making a program such as this that would be great, I don't want to be told how to make it though; I would prefer to do this on my own.

My goal is to make tools where people do not have to worry about being punted out. This has done it for me. I cannot be on this type of chat and enjoy myself, others are very concerned as well. I would like to have a professional room on this place and have paid my subscription dues for having a blue name.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. I am really looking forward in learning from others and maybe even make a few friends. Thanks for all of your time.